911 Fire and EMS Responses

Lake Country Fire & Rescue provides 24/7 Paramedic and Fire service to Nashotah, Chenequa and the City of Delafield. LCFR is a combination department with full-time, part time and paid-on-call employees. LCFR provides the highest level of EMS Service to its citizens with the Paramedic Level.

Paramedic Intercepts

Lake Country Fire & Rescue provides paramedic intercepts to our surrounding communities who might need assistance with a critical or severally injured patient. If this request should happen, LCFR typically sends a suburban equipped with advanced life saving equipment just like our ambulances carry staffed with two paramedics to the scene of an emergency in another community. This service allows smaller communities that might not be at the paramedic or advanced level to provide their patients with the highest level of care available.

Interfacility Transfers

Lake Country Fire & Rescue is licensed at the EMT-Paramedic with Critical Care Paramedic endorsed level which allows LCFR to transfer critical patients from hospital to hospital with advanced services typically offered in an emergency room. Some of these high level calls that we may transport include medicated IV drips, ventilators, chest tubes, etc. LCFR also provides basic life support (BLS) transfer services for patients if requested.

Mutual Aid Requests

Lake Country Fire & Rescue also works with neighboring departments for mutual aid when additional help is needed in on emergency calls in the near surrounding areas. Mutual aid incidents can range from an ambulance request to a large fire incident where large numbers or personnel and equipment are needed to manage an event. LCFR like other communities from time to time will also contact area departments for mutual aid assistance in our communities as well if the need arises.